What is used during A mobile Crystal Healing Session?

Portable Massage Chair

This is the exact chair that will be used during the session. (320 pound weight limit)

Chakra Crystals

7 crystals are used for each chakra. Chakra variations is different for each client. Depending on personal energetic needs

Selenite and Black Tourmaile Wand

A Selentie and Black tourmailne wand will be used after the session. To provide angelic shielding,grounding and protection.

2 Black Crystals

2 black crystals (black tourmaline,shungite, hematite, labordorite ect. Will be used at the end of the session to ground your energy

one pair of hands

one pair of certified 3rd Degree reiki hands will be used. (Simone Roberts lol). To channel reiki, evaluate chakra energy and crystal placement.

Mobile Crystal Healing Session 


  1. Introduction-Healer will introduce herself
  2. Reason for visit-The Reason for your visit, along with what you would like to accomplish from the session will be discussed at this time.
  3. Session set up- The portable massage chair will be set up.
  4. Chakra energy Evaluation- The energy in all your chakras will be evaluated. To see if they are balanced, underactive or overactive. The health of your chakras, determine what crystals will be used throughout the session.
  5. 7 crystals are selected to be used on your chakras throughout the session
  6. The session will begin with a Breathing exercise
  7. Protection and guidance is welcomed in, from the clients guardian angels and spirit guides
  8. Starting from the top of the head (CROWN chakra),a crystal is placed on the chakra.
  9. Then the healers hands are laid on each chakra for a period of time and Reiki is channelled DOWN the body. This is repeated on all 7 chakras, all the way down to the root chakra.
  10. With the crystals staying in place, Reiki is then channeled UP the body starting from the knees, back to the starting position.
  11. After the reiki is channeled in both directions.The Crystals are removed slowly, starting from the root chakra.
  12. After all crystals are removed. Two black crystals are used at the legs to Ground your energy and prevent spaciness
  13. A Selenite wand is swiped up and down the body. To balance out the energy from the session and to provide an angelic shield.
  14. A Black tourmaline wand is used to provide protection for the aura and chakra.
  15. The Session is now Complete. Any imbalances or energy that was discovered, will be discussed.
  16. Credit or Debit Card that is held on file, will now be used to Process payment.
  17. The After Care folder will be given to the client.

The After Care folder consists of:

After Care Disclaimer

What to Expect After The Session

Chakra Knowledge and Chakra descriptions

How to Program and Cleanse Crystals

Daily Chara Re-Balancing

This is a general outline of a Amethyst Star Crystal Healing Crystal Healing Session. But all sessions are different, depending on the clients specific energy requirements.

Now that you know "What to Expect".

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